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I bet OP never thought he'd spark a conversation to RAISE the post count... That's a backfire if I've ever seen one.

Personally, I see both sides of the coin. I understand the point that OP is making in regards to being a purchaser as there's no real concern there. But I also understand that this is not an alternative to eBay or RFD. For the most part, the HWC forums have a solid reputation for being a safe place to buy/sell hardware. If we lose the community portion of the site and let anyone use the B/S/T, then we'd likely quickly lose that rep. Once you lose the rep, you lose the dedicated traffic to B/S/T, and you end up losing traffic to the site in the long run.

I'm with SoulT though. More often than not, I'll stick to dealing with higher post count members. Nothing against new members, but if I see someone selling that only has 26-100 posts, I'm pretty leery about even doing business with them. It leaves me less concerned about the consequences of the sale.
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