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I love how things are now don't change it.

The point of HWC forum is to share knowledge and help people out. Not just a dedicated sales forum.

I agree with something a Great Admin once said to me.

"We are a plethora of knowledge at HWC, contribute posts to our great society and then you will earn a right to use our awesome BST section"

And you know what I did? just that, no bitching, no pissing and moaning, I just jumped in the forum helped people out and enjoyed every second of it.

Money doesn't drive the site, People do :)

Go get those posts :P

Edit: I like the idea of making it so 100 posts are needed to use it, but having the zeros and 1 posts view it is not terrible, my Best Customer Tray who has bought literally thousands of dollars of gear from me has I think 4 posts haha but he is a awesome customer.
Good Bye HWC it was great :)
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