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My System Specs


OK, Just to answer some of the questions about my points..

the board, the sabertooth is a damn fine board, but not really needed and Asus you pay a bit more for the name and service over the likes of gigabyte
(I still prefere asus, far too many problems in the past and still being reported from gigabyte users)
The P8z77 V pro would be my choice.

Honestly even my cheap ass CM 212+ is quieter than my case fans (of which there are many.. ambient is 32c today) but the noctua is reportedly very quiet. (there is a review in the review section and of the H60 80 and 100)

On the blu-ray.. if you do use them then by all means don't let me dissuade you.. But I generally find that the vast majority of people I know that get any kind of blu-ray device rarely if ever use them.
BTW, your HDTV is "standard" res these days.. I was talking more about the likes of an apple cinema display or the like (27" with 2560 by 1440 res or 30" with 2560 x 1600 res)
But as said.. If you use them.. :)

HDD, the WD greens are slow yes but I believe they are 7200 rpm and have been for some time (the speed is not determined mainly by rotational speed).. but if it's just for media and the like and you won't be storing games or programs on it then there is no issue.. If you were thinking of 2 WD blacks, consider instead the seagate 3TB drive (1TB per platter, faster than the old 10,000 rpm velociraptor WD have)
As a middle ground you could always go for a Blue series drive from WD.
P.s as far as I'm aware the longevity of SSD's is such now that you don't need to move cache folders off the ssd.. though things like download folders would be advisable. (correct me if I'm wrong here AKG)

The ram... I have 6GB and never max it running similar to yourself.. (browser with min 12 tabs open, skype, live messenger, steam, origin, TS (and vent sometimes) as well as my game..
There is nothing WRONG with getting more but really you won't go over 8GB and if you do you just get a second identical kit.

GPU, 670 is probably a little more power than you need right now.. but is cool, quiet and efficient.. great card to hold onto for a few yrs (gigabyte is by far the best value at the mo.)

As for price matching.. from what I've read here memoryexpress don't just match prices they will beat them... might save you the cost of shipping or even more.
Use every tool you can to find the cheap parts then submit them to 1 retailer that will match or beat those prices. really wish we had this service on this side of the pond. :(
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