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Originally Posted by Pabz0r545 View Post
I'm not saying you can spam 25 posts I am simply saying what Perenium said, it's extremely easy to get your post count to that. Look at the BST I watch it every day several times a day and I'm sure you do too. Personally I think more then 25 should be required but what does that matter

There are definitely a handful of users with a really low post count IMO who don't use the forums for much else then the BST. I'm not saying they spammed their way to 25 and didn't make a single post, they just don't really post much else.... so effectively the low 25 requirement isn't stopping anything.

*edit* LOL as soon as I made above post I checked BST. There is an american user with 25 single sentence posts selling stuff with a 26 post count. PROOF.
Some are lurkers too, if you look at statistics server side I bet they are logged in daily and doing the other part of what keeps the site moving. Hit count. You need to look at both sides of the contribution list. That US poster has been a member since 2010, and done a lot of lurking, reading etc.
Nothing wrong with that. His first BST post in 2 years of Membership, and you're complaining?

Ironically it was the forum that decided 25 posts be made mandatory. I do want it revised, and there are several ideas around it, but that is up to the Admin team. I'm not discounting your ideology. I am merely saying your visibility is limited compared to ours so, its easier to want to see a black and white without the grey.

Trust me, the BST is long since due for an overhaul.


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