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Originally Posted by sswilson View Post
Sorry, I don't buy that.... I played single player B'Net DII for years without having to buy anything. Quite frankly, the drop quality in DIII is ridiculous.... my current gear is by no means top of the line (probably not sufficient to move into act II inferno) and I'm lucky if I get a single item that's even worth looking at let alone using in 20+ hrs of act 1 inferno farming.
Well I don't recall D2 hell being all that difficult, certainly not compared to inferno. I think you are exaggerating on the farming, every 4 or 5 runs I find something useful for my character. I also find a fair number of items that would be good for other classes that I just put up on the AH.

Maybe some classes are just better for inferno/farming than others. I know inferno can be very difficult with a Barbarian until you get good gear.

I do agree that I probably won't get as much out of D3 as I did D2, but most of that is I simply don't have the time to devote to it as I did 9-10 years ago with D2.
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