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Originally Posted by igot6strings View Post
Yes I agree 100% Sagath. However I am only talking about WTB posts. Nothing at all to do with selling or trading anything. Its impossible to do harm with WTB posts. I don't wish to discuss Selling or Trading in this topic as its completely irrelevant to my suggestion.

It wouldn't have to necessarily have to be open at 0 posts, maybe 10 for WTB would be more fair. 25 for selling is more than reasonable. Its easy to make 10 legit posts in a short time without having to spam up a forum just to make the post count to post in BST.

Having this discussion does help though. I can get legit posts without spamming you guys and get a feel for the place at the same time.
Same theory though, we would get members who come in literally to do just That. If we wanted to solely be a Computer Hardware version of RFD we would, but what is preferred is that contributing members and established members get to use the forums. Don't look at the BST area as individual tasks to do, rather as a whole area that requires access.
In all honesty I have been Pushing to get the limit raised for more post count before access is granted.

And, spamming the fourms to increase count gets a short trip to a forum vacation here, we frown upon that heavily.

All that said and done, I can tell you from 4 years of trading, that I will sell to, and buy from the person who has a high post count vs anything else. And I bet that feeling is shared heavily with many members here.

Regardless, good luck and enjoy the forums. The count as it stands, will not decrease.


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