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Originally Posted by Soultribunal View Post
Yuppers, I have to be honest I have had ZERO desire to play D3 after the first little bit. I can't believe how burned out I got on it, espically after playing grindy games like Minecraft. But its just the scale of gear you need goes up by a factor of 10 once you hit Inferno. I know they wanted to make it hard but I think they have done things wrong a bit.

Oh well, mechwarrior Online is comming. I'm sure that will Eat more of my time, and WOT is back to being interesting too.

With TL2 suppose to be launching this month and only 20$ (about 15$ if you 4 pack order) if I get the same amount of time spent as I did on my first D3 character (about 60 hours) it'll be well worth supporting that developer.
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