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Originally Posted by sswilson View Post

Sorry, I don't buy that.... I played single player B'Net DII for years without having to buy anything. Quite frankly, the drop quality in DIII is ridiculous.... my current gear is by no means top of the line (probably not sufficient to move into act II inferno) and I'm lucky if I get a single item that's even worth looking at let alone using in 20+ hrs of act 1 inferno farming.

I can live with the great majority of game issues, but for a game with at best 10 hours worth of unique content loot generation and upgrading is the game and ATM that's completely broken unless a person wishes to use one of the AH resources.
There's that and don't forget class specific items never had garbage stats on them like in D3. I don't need a monk helmet with strength or a WD off-hand with Dex.
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