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Default Allow new users to post WTB in Buy/Sell forums

Hey folks
I am a fairly new poster here but have been coming to the site for years now.
Today I posted a WTB add in the buy/sell forum but got a friendly warning that I hadn't enough posts yet. Thats all fine and well of course.
It would be nice though if new users could post WTB posts since theres no way to do any harm that way. I understand why new people can't sell here of course. That makes perfect sense but for someone like myself who is looking for a specific part itd be a great benefit. I don't want to have to pull 25 posts out of my behind just to be able to post there. I'd rather post threads that are a value to the community. I think having it the way it is now creates unnecessary posts. Folks will post whatever just to get the 25 posts so they can post on there. I don't want to be one of those people but I also don't want to wait forever to build up my posts so I can find the part i want.
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