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My System Specs


Originally Posted by Kara View Post
Primarily playing Final Fantasy XIV, the game engine isn't well written and consumes lots of resources needlessly, alongside other newer titles such as Diablo 3, Skyrim, etc...

So you recommend going the Intel route? I avoided Intel CPUs originally because of their relatively high prices (compared to AMD anyways). Also, I'm finding that quite a few people claim a Phenom II X6 1100T will barely bottleneck a GTX 670, what are your thoughts?
If you really feel you need the extra CPU power then yes Intel is king.
There is nout wrong with the chip you have (especially at the price) BUT as you see from the charts the intels kick them up and down the place. mainly because the vast majority of games will only use 1 or 2 cores and intel has much much better single thread performance.

Originally Posted by Kara View Post
Will try this, thanks for the tip! What temperatures should I start to worry about? For GPUs I've read that 80 C is bordering the safe temperature threshold.
Look for an overclocking guide. Should be some here (in the overclocking section) or youtube or on other forums.

Originally Posted by Kara View Post
My case. I will probably buy the larger case regardless, more fans, better airflow, and more room.
Thats the CM 690, similar or same as I have and should be absolutely fine, adding a few more fans would help.. if I recall right they take a 120mm fan on the side.

Originally Posted by Kara View Post
I haven't delved into overclocking at all and I'd like to avoid it due to all the testing, experimenting, and knowledge needed to get it right and stable. As mentioned above, very likely it's the game's doing since everything else runs smoothly on my rig.
It's not all that hard. Really you don't need to push the limits (which is where you need all the testing etc) find a sensible level around the average or slightly lower than the guides say, start a lil lower and run a stress-test. If it's stable after a while but you want more, bump the settings and stress it again.. when your happy with the performance bump and the system is stable stop.
Have you got an after-market cooler or is it one that came with the chip?

Originally Posted by Kara View Post
If Intel is the way to go would you mind helping me pick out a CPU and mobo? My Intel knowledge is outdated at this point.
I would suggest going for a pro board rather than the lk, tis a bit more but is better at overclocking etc.
(If you do go for a new build)


First I would suggest you try overclocking your current chip as I think your right on the border of upgrade territory.
If I were you I would wait for haswell to come out and see what that brings. At worst you can pick up a bargain sandy or ivy build second hand from someone that has the upgrade bug. it will be another year but IMO you should be good till then at least.
This is opinion though and your the one who has to live with the build and spend or save the cash.
As said, my opinion is that your right on the line of upgrade or not, even with a new monitor (at 1920x1080)

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