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The build looks mostly balanced to me but one thing I don't get is how come its so expensive? $1700 without monitor or peripherals? I build more or less the same kind of build a few weeks back with slightly less premium model parts, yet went for a GPU that costs 2x what yours should and got raid0 SSDs and it came out to about $1100 (although I didn't need to repurchase Win7)...

Also are you sure you want to put an mATX board in an ATX case? that's big aesthetic no no to me but technically it shouldn't affect anything...I just find it a waste considering there are so many great mATX cases, the Arc Mini being one of them!

(you also don't need 750W unless ur planning to go multi GPU with pretty much any of the current single GPU cards in the HD 7XXX and GTX 6XX series)
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