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I would have yanked the drive and tested on a different rig. The OS could have gotten screwed up and the drive is OK. Unlikely, but it could have saved you some down time. In all likelihood your system either got 1) a voltage spike / dip (ie surge or brown out), 2) your PSU has bad ripple (I usually stick a Seagate HDD on a new rig as a "canary" for a day or so. if it makes a LOT of noise...the PSU got bad ripple that may still be in spec...but will kill the SSD) 3) the SSD itself was dieing. Most likely the controller BUT it could have just been a bad couple blocks of NAND. Long shots are bad port on the mobo and / or bad sata cable....hell even a bad POWER connector that juiced the drive. No way to tell without testing to narrow it down.
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