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My System Specs


Originally Posted by eltiti55555 View Post
Last night I think I left my computer on OR on sleep mode(can't remember), BUT this morning when I woke up it was completely off. I tried turning it on by pressing the power button, but nothing happened. I checked the power supply cable and even reconnected it, and the only thing that happened right after reconnecting it was a small flash of red light (normally there is a red light when the computer is ON) beside the power button after pressing it, but only for about 1 sec, and then it went off.

I opened the case, and checked all cables on my HAF 922 which seemed OK. TBH I payed NCIX $50 to assemble my computer when I bought the parts, because it gave me 1 year warranty (Expires on July 15 this year); therefore many of the cables are hidden under one side of the HAF 922 which I have never touched, but I honesty doubt that the problem lies there. To my experience (with other PCs) I have the strong feeling that the PSU just died. I used to hear some loud fan-like sound coming from the PSU a while back when I bought the PC, but now that I think about it I believe that it stopped doing that after a while.

Anyways that being said are there any tests I can run to make sure that it is the PSU the one at fault here, or if it is something else completely? Also any specific specs of my computer can be found under my signature, but if you need some specific details please don't hesitate to ask.

Thank you.
Just to be absolutely sure you don't get hit with a "there was no problem with the machine" maintenance fee you'll want to go through a few steps.
  • Cmos reset
  • Physically disconnect all PSU connections and reconnect
  • Physically disconnect all fans and reconnect
  • reseat CPU
  • unplug all connections from the motherboard except for cpu fan, motherboard power, and gpu power
I'd personally try running the board outside of the case, but if you've got a warranty/maintenance package with NCIX that might be more than you need to do.

The one time in recent history that I can remember a system with symptoms like what you're describing it ended up being issues with a flakey 4/8 pin motherboard power connector.
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