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Originally Posted by Dzzope View Post
Return to sender.. make it NCIX's problem before the warranty runs out..

Sounds like the PSU but they will have to fix it no-matter what it is..

At the very least contact them that there is a problem so that they have a record that it happened before the warranty runs out.

They may get you to trouble-shoot and then just send specific parts rather than the whole box.
Yea I was thinking about doing that. I don't have any experience returning things to NCIX, but do you know if they give credit refunds? That way I can just add some money on top of that and buy a better PSU, maybe even with more watts for future use.

Originally Posted by Entilza View Post
Definitely a PSU or Motherboard problem... Probably and hopefully PSU.. Not sure how comfortable you are working with the computer but you definitely need to swap Power supplies and see if it works it's the easiest thing to test.

You have a warranty from NCIX I would just call the nearest one you and ask if you can bring it in..
I have assembled computers from scratch a couple of times, but never a gaming computer, which has a lot of more cables, plugs, and whatnot. Specially this one since I didn't build it myself, but if the guarantee covers it I am pretty sure they should be able to replace the PSU themselves. They did a pretty good job organizing cables last time, so hopefully they will do it again.
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