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Originally Posted by Mac29 View Post
Thanks for the quick replies. Again, I'm thinking of a true dual boot. Thought I'd run an OS in a VM because I can't run Sandboxie in Linux Mint. It's been better than another appl called cocoon w/is not full-proof yet. I'll have to read up on mounting partitions as I thought all were readable if an OS on the drive is being used, unless on a diff file system. Since I am hearing more and more about bootsector viruses I think I'll skip encryption but thanks Frontier204, I'll check your link and get more familiar w/ data partitions.

Leaning back towards a hardware solution, though I loathe current prices per capacity. Other surfing makes me think better to be safe w/another drive. Drawback vs. peace of mind. Enaberif's view seems to be the conjecture but from what I know of boot loaders I think I'll stick w/"hardware over software" though it implies not knowing the other's capabilities.

Thank you.
Bootsector viruses? Those can really only happen from a Windows standpoint and in reality they are so uncommon now they almost don't even exist. And if you did get one well it don't matter if its Windows or Linux as your os its pooched either way.
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