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My System Specs


Thanks for the quick replies. Again, I'm thinking of a true dual boot. Thought I'd run an OS in a VM because I can't run Sandboxie in Linux Mint. It's been better than another appl called cocoon w/is not full-proof yet. I'll have to read up on mounting partitions as I thought all were readable if an OS on the drive is being used, unless on a diff file system. Since I am hearing more and more about bootsector viruses I think I'll skip encryption but thanks Frontier204, I'll check your link and get more familiar w/ data partitions.

Leaning back towards a hardware solution, though I loathe current prices per capacity. Other surfing makes me think better to be safe w/another drive. Drawback vs. peace of mind. Enaberif's view seems to be the conjecture but from what I know of boot loaders I think I'll stick w/"hardware over software" though it implies not knowing the other's capabilities.

Thank you.
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