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Default help removing redirect virus. help

need help.

[spoiler]i was watching porn and suddenly a download window pop up saying it is done and i thought huh? i didnt download anything but thought i have forgotten and just click it and it seems to be a video file and the file name is familiar so i click open to play.... then thats when my browser kept on crashing and google link always redirect me to other stuff like pills and ads stuff. even when goolging to remove this virus it redirect to advertisement sites. so yeah the root is when i open that file thinking it was my porn stuff.[/spoiler]

spoiler doesnt work so if you dont want to read it just skip to the second part. below.

how to remove google redirect virus? i look up youtube to see if people have solution and see that combofix is solution but when i download it and run it on safe mode..... it says access denied because need adminitrator. i am admin in this account. i even go to user account and see what my account type and it is already admin.

please help. i even run it on normal mode but it says something crash and making combofix crash too.

update: nevermind jus got it to work and it surely did remove the virus! jus had to try to run it several time on normal mode. somehow it just got it.

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