Thread: Work in progress Snef's new project, Caselabs M8 ROG
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My System Specs


Originally Posted by snef View Post

first thing is silence
these fan are really quiet
i run all these at 12v

for performance........ i dont make any side by side comparison but i have a good temp
i need to do some testing, now they are in pull configuration as intake
i will reverse all and check the temp again
if i remember, they have only 1.3 for static pressure, i dont know if its enough for XSPC EX360 or i need more SP

they are huge, 55mm, you need a large case, 55mm + RX360, not all case can take this setup

bye the way, i have a question

i just received my third HD7970 and im not sure if i will have a good flow

now i have 3.8 LpM (1.0 Gpm), if i had the third gpu the flow will be more restrictive and go below 1 gpm
with 2 card, im in serial setup, if with the third, i change to parallel, do you think i will keep my 1 gpm??

remember, i have 2 D5 Vario set to speed 5
we have similiar setups with the 7970's

I would think the 2 D5's should have great flow and the 3rd 7970 shouldnt change your temps much

I have 8 triebworks on 2 rx480 rads on push in my th10 magnum and I thought they made more noise than the gentle typhoons
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