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My System Specs


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I wouldn't go Sandy Bridge-E I would stick to a i7 2600K and overclock it.
I would go with Maximus IV Extreme-Z or Maximus V Formula for a board. Both will support Ivy Bridge if you want to go that route and both will support PCI-E 3.0

You can save some money for the SSD and go with the OCZ Vertex 4 for $129.99 @ Canada Computers

Memory if you want to save some you could go with an 8GB kit which would be around $50.00 or stick with a 16GB kit.

I would say go with the WB 2TB Green for the same price, it gives you double the space, yes the speed isn't as fast as the Black but it's a storage drive.
If he wants to Quad SLI I'm thinking he definitely wants SB-E... Gives him an extra ~10% performance

Edit: I was also thinking with only a 120gb ssd the HDD might become more than just a storage drive.
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