Thread: Work in progress Snef's new project, Caselabs M8 ROG
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Default Snef's new project, Caselabs M8 ROG

new project
i want more rad in my rig
the 810 is a really good case but the M8.........
i dont need to add anything

my new rig

Case: CaseLabs M8
Board: Asus Rampage IV Extreme
CPU: Intel I7 3930K @ 4.8Ghz
Ram: 32GB (8x4) G.skill RipjawZ 2133 (corsair dominator gt ordered)
GPU: 2 x XFX HD7970 OC 1000 black edition (3rd ordered)
HD: 2 x SSD OCZ Octane 256GB, 2 x OCZ Agility 3 240GB and 2 x Seagate 3TB

Water Cooling
CPU: Swiftech Appogee HD Black
Board: Koolance MB-ASR4E
GPU: 2 x Koolance VIR-AR797
Pump: 2 x D5 Vario
Top: EK Dual D5 serial Top
Res: EK Multioption X2 250 Advanced
Rad: 3 x XSPC EX360 (1 Xflow and 2 multiport)
Fan: 10 x Bitfenix spectre pro red led en push and pull sur un rad et case
Fan: 6 x TFC Triebswerk 55mm (3 sur un rad et 3 sur lautre en pull)
black Fitting (bitspower et TFC)
red Tubing
red coolant
fan grill and fan filter

M8 at my door

sorry for pics, took with samsung galaxy and dont like bay res in caselab m8, change to tube res

removable tray is really helpful for a complex loop

in the m8, start to do the rest

rad on top and bottom

leak test done after 16 hour

im working on cable sleeving now, that why i have no cable management

temp with overclock 4.6Ghz @1.355V
ambient temp 27C
CPU Idle: 36C
CPU Full: 60C

GPU idle: 37C
GPU Full: 50C

with fan
idle: 47C
Full: 68C
idle: 37C
full: 44C
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