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Default No audio when playing MP4 files.

So today i tried recording some gameplay, and i posted a thread on the "storage" section of this forum asking a question about codecs and filesizes and so on. I was told to use the h.264 codec in a mp4 container so i did.

Recorded the gameplay in 1280x720 resolution, used the H.264 codec in a MP4 container and i wanted to check the results out. The video player smoothly, no quality loss and a huge decrease in the filesize, (from 2.5 gigs to 230 megabytes) but the major issue is that there is no sound. The file that was recorded in .avi format and if i played that back the audio was there, but as soon as i use the settings told, its not working.

I tried downloading K lite codec pack and that didnt fix the problem, still no audio, i also tried downloading VLC which didnt fix the problem either.

So if you could help me i would be a happy man, thanks.

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