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Originally Posted by Shadowmeph View Post
Hmm so basically a cooler PSU would be more efficient meaning a better fan,exhaust and heats sinks would be better. ok now I am confused
You're confusing energy use with energy dissipation.

What you want is a PSU which creates less heat, meaning it wastes less energy. What you described is a PSU which is better at getting rid of heat -- but bigger fans, heatsinks and the like don't reduce the amount of energy wasted, they just disperse it more quickly into the air.

There's a caveat to that, of course, in that a cooler PSU should be more efficient than the same PSU running at a hotter temperature. This is why reviewers such as stick thier PSUs into a hotbox to see what the PSU can do with higher temperatures (so your conclusion is correct but not for the reason you thought). However, real gains in PSU efficiency come from the quality of the design and of the components in the power circuitry rather than the cooling capacity.

First you want to design a PSU which wastes less energy as heat. Then you worry about getting rid of the heat it does generate. The nice thing is that a PSU which starts out as efficient (generates little heat) stays efficient because it's not generating enough heat to affect itself, and because a quality design and components are less susceptible to heat-induced inefficiency.
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