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My System Specs


ok which tool do I need to find out how much electricity my Folder is pulling from the wall and where can I find it?

Power supply
Desktop computer power supplies (PSUs) are in general 7075% efficient,[41] dissipating the remaining energy as heat. An industry initiative called 80 PLUS certifies PSUs that are at least 80% efficient; typically these models are drop-in replacements for older, less efficient PSUs of the same form factor.[42] As of July 20, 2007, all new Energy Star 4.0-certified desktop PSUs must be at least 80% efficient.[43]
I did not know this that it actually just wastes less energy the PC still uses the same amount just watt is left over turns into heat.

Hmm so basically a cooler PSU would be more efficient meaning a better fan,exhaust and heats sinks would be better. ok now I am confused

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