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Default partitioning and viruses

I have a 500 GB new hard drive and am thinking of dual booting Linux Mint on it. It's already got 7 Pro on the first partition. I've set up multiple partitions with unallocated space between them for future expansion.

Q: I've read that viruses do not cross partitions. I want to be very sure this is true before deciding to dual boot. The LM partition will use ext4 I believe. Will ext4 be an additional safeguard? I plan on not touching the internet unless necessary with 7 (loading academic programs for myself) but surfing extensively using a VM in Linux Mint. I want to be sure nothing could infect boot files and screw up either OS.

Additionally, I've always been curious about setting up a separate data partition, easing a re-install of Windows, etc. What's the best way to do this? Install appls to the OS partition? How set all data to go to a data part.? Separate temp partition or somehow set that to the data partition also?

Searched on partitions and viruses beforehand. Thanks for all replys,

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