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Seagates are notorious for not liking some power supply's as they put more ripple out on their 12 or 5v lines. IE All seagates "chirp" (actually all hdds make certain amount of noise). When they start CLICKING...its usually a sign of voltage ripple. Its annoying but necessarily bad in the short term (usually kills em in the long term though). DL Seagates diagnostics, run the LONG test and see if the drive is good.

IF you are overclocking (cpu, ram and GPU) stock and see if the problem goes away. IF it was a bad OC.

You ran multiple instances of memtest at the same time right? If you have 8 instances of it at once. Let it go OVERNIGHT (min 12hrs).

It is more than possible than a surge damaged the CPU or other parts. Always run a UPS and not just a surge protector (brown outs kill parts too!). Too late now...but always budget in 1bill for a good UPS in a new build.

DL and run prime95/linpak/etc and run it overnight (min 12hrs....24 is better....48 better still). See if it crashes.

IF doing all that comes back squeaky clean. Nuke the OS. Start from scratch. See if the problem goes away. If doesnt....damn. THEN its going to be trial and error. Take one part of the rig and try in another. Test to make sure its good. Rinse and repeat. IF everything is still looking good. Then its a wonky incompatibility. Start with the ram. Swap out the ram for something on the vendor approved list (or run the ram at lower speed and looser timings). I had a rig that hated Mushkin ram. Swapped it out for Corsair Vengeance LP "blue" and my random bsods went away....BUT the mushy ram is running happy as a clam in a dif rig for over 16mths now. ;)

Good luck!
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