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My System Specs


My score with the i7 920 @ 4.2GHz and stock GTX690 was P13960. With the i7 3930k running at the same 4.2GHz, I get P15874. That's 2k points just for a CPU upgrade :)

And then, if we clock the i7 3930k up to 4.6GHz and set my GPU back at +100MHz on Core and Memory, we get this:

Compared to my i7 920 @ 4.2GHz, same +100 on the GPU, it was only P15089.

So I think it's a pretty worthwhile upgrade, I should be set for another year or 2

On the water cooling front, still waiting for HK or Aquacomputer GTX690 blocks. Only ones that I really like the construction of. Solid metals can't be beat! Also waiting for Daz to get some more XSPC EX240 Crossflow rads in. For colours, I'm kind of thinking of mixing red and black Primochill tubing with EK Bloodred fluid to go with the motherboard's colours.
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