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First off, Vertex 4 is bad choice, Tomshardwareguide has a good review on the 4kB random write performance drop of the drive once it's filled past 50%.

See OCZ Vertex 4 128 GB: Testing Write Performance With Firmware 1.4 : Testing The Effects Of Vertex 4's Firmware 1.4

OCZ did dump a new FW on their forum last friday to 'help' but you'll be getting the same drop in perf at a certain point when you've filled up the drive. Likely their scrambling mechanism isn't very efficient and the large overhead once the write buffer (NAND+DRAM) is used up starts hitting the random writes past QD 1.

Not something I like seeing in a product that's supposed to be mature.

SF-22xx drives are better in all aspects including SMART output if your one of those people that like to keep an eye on the SSD.

Regarding write endurance, don't worry about it, and if you do, then get a bigger capacity drive. The bigger the drive, the higher the TBW endurance over it's expected lifetime.

Alternatively, most SF-22xx based drives w. 5k PE drives with 25nm NAND at 128GB have approx 128TB TBW. Not something you can hit in 3 years expected life unless your driving a server.

As for optimisations, not worth it, again THG has a good study on this.

See,2911.html and weep for all those foolish 'tweaker tools' and 'tweaker enthusiasts' that think they know better.

Overall I recommend the following as per MS own tech blog and benchmarking guide.

Please remember that this is advice for best performance possible, not usability, system restore is usefull as are most functions in Windows. Disabling Indexing or moving your Pagefile is a waste of time for most users.

Either way, SF-2281 or Samsung 830 are the way to go. Just please don't buy a cheap SF-2281 from a low quality OEM, make sure the OEM you buy from has a good customer service / tech support reputation! It'll pay off in the long term rather than being on a TS phonecall to india or china.
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