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My System Specs


Depending on how much you want to OC the SB chip can be better..

If your looking to increase in-game performance... then it doesn't really matter. Sure OC but there is no need to push any boundaries.

As said above, the IB chip will give you better performance per clock but the SB chip has the better oc limits and thermals when pushed.

Realistically, you'll probably be aiming for a reasonable OC that is stable for 24/7 operation and looking at 4.5(ish) ghz..
At this point the IB chip has the edge, better clock for clock and still cooler than the SB chip..
Any higher and your looking at going for the older SB chips..

And you definately want a custom cooler before oc'ing (the stock one will handle a slight oc but temps will be a bit high)

If you choose the SB chip (still go i5 rather than i7) look at the different features the different chipsets will give you vs their price.. options are p68, z68 and z77..
all will oc but have some other extra features..

On the GPU.. a 670 will be plenty for your resolution.. The gigabyte windforce is about the best value on pre-oc'd and custom cooled cards at the moment.
I have an Asus DCII (gigabyte wasn't available) and it's cool and whisper quiet.. plays everything max'd without issue.. Drivers have been slightly sketchy but are improving greatly.
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