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None what so ever and to clarify I connect the router to the 1st TPA unit via Cat5 and then connect the 1st unit's HPNA port back to the splitter. I opened a ticket with Trendnet last week and still haven't heard back. The incompatibility with DOCSIS is actually listed in HomePNA's alliance webpage so I'm pretty sure I'm boned. I ordered a pair of Actiontec MOCA adapter from Amazon and they should be here next week. I'll keep you inform.


The only way I see how this would work with DOCSIS is if you have 2 separate COAX wiring in the house but since no one build houses like that, it will not work unless you switch to the older phone line version. I did call Shaw asking if HomePNA will work but the CSR never heard of it but did say MOCA should work since their gateway are MOCA as well. I didn't want to wait for a month for the Actiontec units to come in and order the Trendnet hoping for the best. Now it still took me 1.5 months to get the MOCA units to come in and still stuck with useless Trendnet units.

I will keep the TPA-311 units for now because I may move out to a building with DSL instead of cable (DOCSIS).
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