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Yo Moocow,
I was considering ordering a couple of these myself in the next few weeks. I'd looked into these some months ago and hadn't until now heard about this DOCSIS incompatibility. I don't know if I understood your 1st connection description properly or the installation in general but I would have expected it to be as follows.

Your 1st method:
Wall coax -> splitter --> modem -> router -> TPA-311 (cat5) -> TPA-311 (HPNA) -> splitter

I would have thought it went like this:
Wall coax -> splitter --> modem -> router -> TPA-311 in primary location connects to network (router) via cat5 -> [-> From network connected primary TPA-311 unit to coax]-> [from coax in remote location -> secondary TPA-311] -> [from network connected secondary TPA-311 via cat5 to device]

Have you had any success since June 11th?
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