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My System Specs

Default new H100 + P/P setup. does this seem right to you?

I replaced my dinky coolermaster H8 with a H100 and 4 cougar vortex fans I had. they are set up in push/pull blowing INTO the case (yes INTO). my i7 920 is at 3.8GHz (with hyperthreading) topping out at about 60C with IC compound paste I had in my drawer.

now I got a couple of questions:
#1 - do the temps seem right to you? (my room's at about 75F)
#2 - I plugged in 2 of my 4 fans into the mobo, but having no more plugs, I put the rest in tandem, thru adapters onto PSU's 4 pin molex line. IF they are sitting in tandem, will the RPM decrease?
#3 - I always wanted to break the 4GHz barrier (and punch the face of god) so... yh
#4 - if I didn't hook it up in the most efficient way, how could it be better?

my setup: HAF 932 case, i7 920 @ 3.8GHz, 12GB gskill RAM @ 1866 (I think), ASUS P6X58D mobo, MSI 580GTX, 1000W PSU.

P.S. as a pleasant bonus (actually I set up intake on purpose) the GPU is 5C cooler now that it's hit by so much air from the top.

P.P.S. if I plug said 4 cougar fans directly into the H100 pump unit, and set it to highest RPM, will there be any change vs just on PSU's line?

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