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Default New Build Gaming, in aus

hello everyone
i'm building a new computer, it's my first build and i think i have everything down. just need people give some advice on parts and give me the thumbs up on 2 bytes of ram (JK)

my budget is $1500 and it does cover shipping (in all $33 shipping)

the only preference i have is Nvidia and EVGA however i am open to AMD and other (cooler people ???)

my parts will be bought in Australia mostly local (Perth) and from the east (Melbourne)

i will over clock eventually but for the moment i will be running mostly stock speed

i have not bought any parts yet but i will place the order when i get back (going away for 2 weeks)

the parts i will be purchasing are as followed
CM Storm Enforcer $94
i7 2600k $304
Asus P8Z77-V-LK $169
60GB SSD (Boot) $69
2 TB 7200rpm (storage) $117
2*4GB Corsair Vengeance RAM $69
200mm fan $22*2
fan control and sd card reader $25
DVD-re $18
wireless 300mbp (asus pce-n15) $29 (no comment)
PSU -ZT 750W 119
asus vs228n 22 led lcd (this won't change) $129

shipping $33

total $1149

leaving $351 for a graphics card and keyboard and mouse

i was looking at the 560ti price is about 250-280 will go for EVGA for the warranty

any advice on keyboard and mouse i might just get a cheapish one any opinions?

note: i know the case comes with one fan but i am getting two because LED's won't work for me

thanks everyone

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