Thread: Work in progress Operation : Big UPS/solar backbone.
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It's possible to do with the right inverters, it also depends on what you can feed them too. I imagine you're going to have to feed them 3 phase voltage/current if you plan on "plugging them in" as in power sockets. If you were to wire them up directly, you'd have to essentially screw around with the transformer in your UPS to deliver straight DC.

The fun thing about solar panels are they typically generator DC. You then need to invert/convert that to AC (typically 3 phase), then convert it back to DC in your case for the batteries. I am currently working at a nuclear power plant and have quite a few knowledge power delivery individuals I could ask if you had any specific questions.

I know someone who has a cottage that has essentially what you're trying to do Brain. When they have power they pull from the grid, when their power goes out the batteries kick in and they deliver power until they run out or power is returned. I cannot remember though if they use solar panels to charge the units or just have them recharge from the grid.
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