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ya, i'm not going to stick with the Z68...the X79 is a more sold platform offering more features. The i7 3820 might not be as good as an ivy-bridge i7 3770 but once i throw an IB-E into my X79 Mb i'm pretty sure it will beat it or at lease tie. The diffrence will be that i will have more Memory throughput, more PCI-E lanes, more cores (I know more then 4 cores will do no good for gaming) i could go on :p

I keep hearing all over the internet that the LGA2011 isn't worth it but it just seems like a good buy to me :)

Also i will be throwing in an SSD in the future but i need something with more storage/speed for the mean 5.9K drive isn't cutting it lol.

Thanks for the replies guys.

Also mono...what you suggested is a gaming geared setup...i'm looking to do more then just game. i do know that i could to it with a cheaper platform but LGA2011 just stands out to me :P
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