Thread: Work in progress Operation : Big UPS/solar backbone.
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Default Operation : Big UPS/solar backbone.


So I've gotten 3x IBM Eserver 3000 UPS' for free.It's 6+ Kw of fully managed ups.220 volt hookup.......about 600 pounds worth , and plugging in 48vdc batteries is easy.

So I thought to myself , I should UPS my house....not only that but it provides a backbone for a solar setup........


So here's the plan right now.I'm running a nice thick 220 line to the garage where the ups' will be.I want to run lines back from the ups' outputs that wire into certain circuits of the house.....6 kw would run my whole place minus stove/dryer.

The UPS' basically provide the 'AC' side of the conversion , and handy monitoring for the 'DC' side of any solar charging setup.

Now I'm unsure of the electrical codes on this kinda thang......I work with a master electrician , I'll be asking him , but I'd like input from you guys too.It's gotta be fully legal etc..

Idea's ? Input ?

I'l get pics up right away.
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