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Originally Posted by SKYMTL View Post
They all use the same back-end.
that is my point, what it comes down to is ease of use and features...for example one thing I rly liked about the galaxy one was that it had the option to run at startup to apply OC then shut itself down. So pesky curious people fooling around in your taskbar wouldn't normally fall on this by accident like they would on my personal favorite, afterburner.

Although the galaxy one's fan controller is an absolute deal breaker...that thing just does not work!

Considering they are all more or less the same software at the core, my question is which one do people prefer nowadays.

I'll personally stick to afterburner until I find something that has all the pros of afterburner and stuff like that galaxy feature I mentioned.

P.S. the galaxy software also has an iOS app that lets you tune ur setup over the net, which I don't see any need for but some people might...
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