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Sorry for the double post, but this whole post just stinks. I've said publicly AND in PMs that I'll absorb the shipping and the double EMT charge because it was my fault that he received the wrong item.

Bolded the BS.

Originally Posted by bigFOIG View Post
I really hope this is a joke. Way to make this story sound like it's in your favour. I have responded to every single one of your PMs. Payment has been sent... the thing that you sent me (that I never asked to buy) has been shipped back to you.

This guy is the SHADIEST seller I have ever dealt with... He sends me an item that I never asked for, instead of an item that I wanted to buy. And that's not all, he doesn't include his return address. So in order to return the darn thing that I never asked for, I need his address right? He reluctantly gave me an address. Guess what, this guy lives next door to me (not literally). I offer to come over to his place to return the motherboard I never bought. Then I can give him cash in person in exchange for the item that I DID buy. The guy says no and tells me to ship it. Why???? Am I that ugly??? Now I have to ship this thing to you, and then you have to ship my thing to me. What's the difference if I freaking go to your house and give you the package first hand like what a Canada Post guy would do!? If I put a Canada Post sticker on my chest and drop your thing off, would that make you feel better?

Anyways, what I was planning to do was ship his thing back, wait for the item that I actually wanted, and then pay him via EMT, which was the original plan. (I receive the stuff, I pay him) I simply did not pay him right away after receiving my package because I didn't get what I bought. Now he wants me to pay him some money for now, and then the rest of the money when I receive the correct items. This is totally fine, I never said no to this, but I would have to eat the EMT fee twice.

I just don't want to pay for shipping his item back, since it was entirely his mistake for giving me the wrong item.
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