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My System Specs

Smile Nvidia geForce GTX 690 Review Comment Thread

Imho I absolutely agree with Squeetard with an RMA exchange. Chances are that you'll have sold or traded that card by then and the cards that come out by then will likely spank any and every card currently in the market.

Let's face it, if you can purchase 1 of these babies, chances of owning the latest and greatest by then will also be yours.

For me, if I had the funds, there would be 1 in my system right now. Enjoy that monster while it's there because there are a lot of people who would jump through hoops to get their hands on 1.

Heck, if I could, there would be 2 in quad sli. 2 5970s was scary good at the time, though the driver issue kept popping up.The 480 sli was better, with the exception of both being power consumption and

heat. The 580s in sli ran on my screen with no hiccups. Only 1 670 OC so far, but it still kicks a##! Details I have never noticed b4, that's what makes the latest so much fun 4 me!!!
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