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My System Specs


It took about 1.5 months and many emails and phone calls (I bought it second week of May, finally got a label to send it back the other day as I said.) I realize I am not entitled to anything for free, but as I mentioned a good faith gesture to the tune of $30 retail, and at their cost next to nothing or nothing, as it would probably never be used, was denied. Waiting for over a month, calling and emailing many times and not getting answers, shipping labels that were sent to me 3x and were blank each time, is bad service no matter whom its from. This is slow and poor service in my books on a card this expensive or any card for that matter.
I rma'd an 8800 GTX years ago with MSI and they cross-shipped and upgraded it for free to an Ultra after the card they sent me had no thermal material in it at all... that was excellent service. EVGA helped me with support quickly and nicely in the past when I first got my 480 from them and had an issue with it, even Asus cross-shipped a motherboard I had probelms with before I even had a chance to take it out of the system and emailed me tons and tons of tests/info etc to make sure it was the motherboard... that was excellent service. I more than gave them chances to fix this, as I said I only posted this here to share my experience, not argue what makes good sevice for each of us. So I'll leave it at this. Sorry all experiences we have aren't good, duds happen as you guys even said. EVGA has been great with me in the past, yes, but they dropped the ball on this one...

i7 4790k 32GB Kingston HyperX MSI Gaming 5 MSI R9 390 Gaming 8G 30" HP ZR30W + 27" Samsung 275T 4x240GB Intel 530 in Raid 0 + 1TB WD Black Lain-Li X2000F EVGA SuperNova 850W G2 BeQuiet! Dark Rock 3 Logitech Z5500 Win7pro 64bit

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