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You got a lemon. Shite happens. When you say service was slow...what do you mean? 24hrs? 48hrs? 3 business days? Would honestly like to know on this one as I have had very good service from Evga in the past...BUT if thats changed I would like to know.

In either case, just because you bought one expensive card doesnt mean you are entitled to more anything for free. And YES it would cost them more. Extra warranty means a higher chance to have to replace a card for free. If you buy thirty or forty a year and have done so for the past oh say 5 years...than yeah your business would be worth the added expense. As it stands, you got a bad card. You want something for free. They said no as your business isnt worth the expense to them. If you think thats unfair....dont do business with them in the future if it means that much to you....OR suck it up, put on your big boy pants and realize that you are not entitled to anything for free. Its always worth politely asking but dont think they have to do it. YMMV
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