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My System Specs


I've made atleast 1/3 MORE selling on Ebay lately. As far as I am concerned, it is just as risky there as it is here so the added profits made it worth it. Besides that, I have unloaded a TON of older gear that never would have sold here. Just in the last 2 weeks I got $50 for a E6400, $100 for a P4 S775 mobo/CPU/2GB ram combo, $50 for a HD3650AGP, etc....

If you are try to make a living you are ripping yourself off selling here.
NEW (to me) Intel DQ67SW/I7 2600/12GB DDR3/ASUS CUII R9 290X 4GB/2X150GB VR HD's/ASUS Xonar D1

HTPC: Dell 960 SFF Q9550/8GB DDR2/R7 250 2GB/128GB SSD/2TB HDD

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