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It was nice and cheap, perfect for it :)

I did finally get it without taking the rad off and putting it on properly. when i first did it, i was skeptical of it working sideways, but i decided to try it anyways. if i put it rightway up, i would have had to raise the whole case up about an inch, because the rad sticks down. I really didn't want to have ot put wheels on it or anything, i like a smaller profile HTPC. I moved the case around for like 10 minutes, trying to get all the bubbles out. When i would flip it one way, the air would go to the rad from 1 tube, but from the other, it would go down.. doh! hah. so, i finally got it so there were NO bubbles in the loop, and i just filled my rad past fillingpoint, to make sure there was no air in it at all :)
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