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Default No Video + Continuous 4 Post Beeps

AMD Phenom II X2 550(3.1GHz)
Processor Main Features
64 bit Dual Core Processor
2 x 512KB L2 Cache

4GB DDR3 1333

NVIDIA GeForce 9800GT 512MB

Windows Vista Home Premium 64-bit


I was gaming today just playing League of Legends and in the middle of the match my computer shut down. I restarted my computer, logged back into League and right before I re-entered the match it shut down again. I then tried to login to a different game on the third boot and same results. After this point the computer would shutdown as soon as windows loaded. When I tried to do a system fix it also shutdown. I opened the case and examined that it was a little dusty and the video card did feel hot. I then took out the video card and removed the dust. When putting the video card back into my system I was greeted with loud beeping, 4 loud beeps then a pause and then it repeats, over and over. I then proceeded to dust out the entire case and and remove the RAM and CPU with nothing connected and got the same POST Beeps. I moved the RAM, the removed all the dust and still get the same POST Beeps. The only time I was able to alter the Post Beeps was when I removed the CMOS battery. With the CMOS battery out and everything else intact the Post Beeps went to 3 long 1 short. Once the battery was replaced it returned to the 4 long beeps.

All combinations of 2 sticks of RAM, switching RAM slots or 1 stick of RAM w/ or w/o CPU and Video Card, removed always results in 4 long beeps and NO video (no onboard video though to check).

All FANs and LEDs are active on the video card, case and CPU.

I'm assuming the graphics card is fried and the BEEPS are a result of that and by replacing the video card it should silence the POST BEEPs and enable video once more, I've never fried a video card. I don't over clock my system so I'm not sure how or why it happened.
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