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There is only the magicool that I know of, and it's only available from 3 places right now:, Performance PCS and FrozenCPU. Of the three Aquatuning would be the best for shipping and overall least hassle, but it's also the highest base price. Sidewinder is looking to see about bringing them in, but nothing concrete yet. I would not touch performance PCS with a 10' pole after what's gone on in the last year with them and Canadian shipping.

I'm also doing a FT02 build later this year and the Magicool 540 is pretty much defacto for that case. The AP181 fans that come with the modern case are good enough, and if mounted in pull config double as a fan guard. You won't have room for a shroud in the case, and the noise from the FT02 really only comes out of the top.

Updated with some pricing: $160.31 total, including taxes, shipping and brokerage
FrozenCPU: $140.38 total including shipping
Performance PCS: Who cares, not Canadian friendly

You're paying about 20 bucks more with but it's 3 day shipping with zero worry of brokerage fees. Frozen you could chose USPS > Canada post, but there is no real tracking and brokerage can still be an issue. If you go UPS there will most certainly be a brokerage fee.

Again, I would just go with Aquatuning at this point. Unfortunately for us it's a limited appeal rad and shipping options suck. If Aquatuning was the same price as the other two baseline there would be no question ($135 vs $110).

Hope that helps.

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