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Witcher 2 Enhanced, which essentially is updated graphics with added content, it'll probably win GTOY at least for RPGs.

Torchlight 2 looks rather promising, coming out in July.

Borderlands 2 you've already mentioned however still looks rather good.

I didn't think ME3 was as bad as people are claiming it to be, I've sunk quite a few hours into the multiplayer as I find it quite a bit of a fun (even playing with randoms). I'll beat the campaign this summer now that the extended version is out (and if you have 80% in a sector you don't have to deal with Reapers chasing your ass).

Max Payne 3 I've heard is an alright game, not an amazing one but I'll get to playing it once I finally get through ME3 (most of my gaming is spent playing co-op style games with the fiancee)

I'm looking forward to Halo 4, just to see how they decided to take the franchise.

Some people could be rather interested in Guild Wars 2, probably not myself though it'll probably help with the death of swtor. Bioware/EA have no idea how to properly run an mmo game (bugs/exploits and no perma bans for cheaters 7+ months in)

South Park the Game also seems like it could be a gem, but only time will tell for that.
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