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Originally Posted by Adzsask View Post
Honestly, if the person doesn't have a couple hundred posts and some rep on the forum, I NEVER send first. I think it is bad advise telling him to get the money first, and frankly I would be offended if I were a member here for years and staff is saying "ya get him to pay first"
"People who get offended should be offended"...and I guess I wont be doing business with you in the future if you expect me to ship parts before FULL payment as I. Do. Not. Ship. First. This is a hard and fast rule of mine and I recommend everyone else do the same. I know I would NEVER ask someone to ship first and then I would pay them later.

Its business, not personal.

For every good person who wants you ship first there are hundreds of d-bags who are just trying to screw you over. It doesnt matter how many post a person has...things can go wrong (like I outlined before...or worse). But as the old saying goes...YMMV. But I truly hope you dont get screwed over some day like many people I know who have been.
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