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Originally Posted by Phill View Post
IMO you are way off the mark there. He is using Vertex 2 drives. There will be a large improvement for him. As well I would say that even if he was using M4's or a pair of Chronos Deluxe or Max IOPS drives there would still be an improvement by going to raid 0. Each drive may come close to saturating its own channel under unique circumstances (atto,as ssd etc testing is not real world) but that does not mean that raid 0 will show no benefits over a singe drive!!
well lets go over a couple of details. let me know if I error somewhere...

ok, raid 0 serves one purpose and only one purpose. faster speeds, right?


the maximum bandwidth of sata 3 is 600MB/s, which is theoretical only, since there's always some overhead.

ssd's are already in the mid to upper 500MB/s range.

so you put a pair of them, into a channel of data that maxes out at a theoretical 600MB/s... where exactly is the improvement going to come from?

I mean if it does somehow, then great. But I just don't see it.
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