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Originally Posted by supaflyx3 View Post
So headsh0t and I were just leaving stary to go up to the NW airfield, we both went AFK while laying in a field and came back to a guy with a sniper on the ridge in front of us shooting at survivors in the town, so we crawled up the mountain to kill him and lost sight of him, we checked the player list and saw that he disconnected so we got up and continued on our way to NW airfield, then we encountered 1 bandit laying prone in the bushes setup with an M249, he proceeds to fail at killing headsh0t and I spotted him and shot him 10 times in the face with my AK74, then i thought it was all clear and started searching him when another person opened fire and shot me and i panic alt-f4'd, 2 minutes later while the other guy that shot me was looting the other dead body, i spawned back in and killed him as well. Now i have an M249 with multiple 100 round mags, a coyote backpack with an AKS74 kobra in it, and headsh0t has an M16A4 with a buttload of mags
Heh that is totally awesome!

We need to setup a standard server to play on during the day and for at night. This way we can setup an actual camp with tents when they are found.
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