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Originally Posted by Krisso View Post
I'd suggest doing a quick memtest. I'm guessing that the Win 7 install didn't use much of your ram. Once in Windows, it's funny using enough of the memory where it hits the fault/error spot. Hence the bsod.

If you left it idle in the bios does it stay working fine (eg. say an hour)? Also, what is the CPU temp out of curiosity?
Alright i did a memtest using memtest86 and my memory turns out to be error-free. I just took my computer out to my local shop and they told me that it was my motherboard that was causing the reboots. But thanks for the idea of a memtest!

OH uh what's my cpu temp? Well, in bios it says 37-40 idle? i re-seated my heatsink once already (because i thought my cpu was overheating before when it was like 40-45 degrees in bios) The temps are a BIT HIGH lol i think it's my case that's causing the high temp... 550D by corsair isn't really meant for air-flow right? =D
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