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I thought I posted a reply earlier, but I guess it didn't go through...

That Q270 Catleap monitor looks amazing for the price, how is the build quality on them? Been reading around and I guess people have mostly been having positive experiences, other than a few people getting a bunch of dead pixels and not able to ship it back for RMA because its in korea. I doubt I'll be able to run a Triple setup with that (7680x1440) with decent FPS in BF3 and such with just two GTX680s though, so I might have to increase the budget for my system again

What's wrong with OCZ drives? I'm coming from an Agility3 120gb which ran reliably for me, and reading the reviews and benchmarks for the new vertex4s make them seem like one of the best performing drives when it comes to real world applications (they didn't do all that well with the synthetic read benchmarks)

And I think I've decided to wait for the Maximus V Formula, or possibly Extreme since a 3rd 680 might be joining my 2 because of those monitors (damn why'd you have to tell me about them haha)

I'll probably also need a new desk to fit 3 27"ers... why do builds always start off simple and just start spiralling way out of hand?
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